Orbital Sidekick’s low-cost/high-fidelity objective remote sensing solution enables  the industry to focus its resources where they really matter.

  • Asset Monitoring
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Leak Detection
  • Product Speciation
  • Pipeline and Facility Security
  • Encroachment Detection
  • Right-of-Way Health
  • Waterway Monitoring


Rapid and global-scale surveying of existing and future extraction sites has never been more simple, affordable, and persistent.

  • Site monitoring
  • Contamination Alerts
  • Mineral Identification


Inefficient monitoring of infrastructure has led to safety and budgetary headaches on regional and national levels.

  • Pavement health
  • Bridge conditions
  • Rail line health
  • Inland waterway conditions

Environmental Monitoring

Objective monitoring of our shared resources is unlocked with the power of Orbital Sidekick’s Spectral Intelligence™ platform.

  • Atmospheric health
  • Water pollution
  • Air quality
  • Land pollution
  • Water resource management
  • Hazardous material detection


Precision agriculture is booming, and with it brings uncertainty in which technologies and methods to trust and invest. Hyperspectral datasets provide  objective insights to healthy growth.

  • Soil Quality
  • Mineral and Protein Content
  • Crop Health and System Stress
  • Evapotranspiration and Water Management
  • Crop Identification and Invasive Species Monitoring


Hyperspectral insights enable plume, camouflage, and target detection, along with situational awareness which is especially useful in denied areas of access. Hyperspectral data sets can be utilized to detect chemical weapon signatures, identify military resources and troop movement, and aid with relief efforts.

  • Camouflage Detection
  • Plume Detection
  • Target Identification
  • Material Classification
  • Space Situational Awareness